Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Texas Thing, I Guess?

Only in Texas can you go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert and experience these things:

-Some Good-
* Boots and jean, Suits and ties all in the same building
* Lots of Great music
* Three hours for your moneys worth
* Audience of all ages
* Extreme generosity and giving back to the community 

-Some Not-
* Half of the audience drunk or on the way there
* The smell of strong perfume, hair spray, beer and tobacco dip, mmm
* So many bright camera phones the ushers didn't need flashlights
* Ladies People on the female gender wolf calling at the singers/guitarists
* Getting belched on from behind and all that guy could say was "It just don't make sense" 

Is it a Texas thing? I want to say "NO", but my experience tells me "YES", I can truly say I was embarrassed to be associated with the rest of the audience. As Texans we are supposed to be known for our hospitality, not our women screaming out "Woo Hoo" and grunting loudly when ever they see a good looking member of TSO. 

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