Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Porch Redo Part 5

This is the Final Porch Redo post,
it is now a Sun Room!
 What we found to go into the "Sun room"
5 wooden chairs at a second hand store
1 Indian area rug from Ross
2 side tables at DG
1 runner rug from Ross
Coat rack from the living room
1 Light fixture that matches tables and door 

 The room still needs either rattan blinds or some sheer curtains on the furthest window, that window gets the brunt of all the eliments and direct sun.

 Almost every thing matches now or is real close.
Chairs - Rugs "red/orange"
Tables - Light fixture - Door - Floor
Trim work - Area rug "brown"
Walls - Runner rug 

 I love this rug, I am so happy I found it!

 The new light in poor lighting.

Finally the other view of the sun room.

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