Monday, September 6, 2010

Up close with a Giraffe

 Meet Baby Giraffe, he and Christopher were just destine to cross paths. Christopher has a fascination with anything "GIRAFFE" so we had to take him to see some over the holiday.
 Baby giraffe had a need to try to kiss.
 Baby liked getting as close as possible!
 Baby had a short neck so we were able to get really close.
 The Giraffe exhibit was much lower then the side walk.
 Going in for another kiss.
 Mommy Giraffe, her neck extends about 5" above the fence. We were not going to let her kiss us.
Daddy Giraffe's neck was the longest (7" above fence) there was no way I was getting his attention for him to come near. He could reach really high or over the fence to the space where we were.

Christopher thought that this was just awesome getting up close to giraffes but was a little sad that he did not get licked by the baby.

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