Friday, October 3, 2008

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

As you can tell by the photos I grow my own veggies
Summer squash, zucchini and green beans.
What do you do with veggies once you have eaten
your feel of them and can't give the rest of them away?

See how big they can get,
how big can they get and still taste good,
how long can one last in the sun off the vine.

Bottom: Regular Squash

Top one: Large Squash
Bottom one: Regular Squash

Top: Regular Squash
Middle: Large Squash
Bottom: Large Zucchini

The Answers:
They can get very big, DUH!
Zucchini still tastes good large size, Squash
does NOT.
We are still waiting for a squash to go bad in the sun
so far they just get rock hard,
zucchini turns brown and gets squishy.

 After all of this we have a chest freezer full of both of them.
We over gave our welcome to all of the neighbors and my compost
pile is one massive heap.

Next year I'm going back to watermelons, pumpkins and strawberries.

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