Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lost Cat Found

During early November Earl Daniel's cat went missing. Daniel had a hard time and did not sleep very well at night because he just wanted his cat. Ashley and I combed the neighborhood when the kids were in school but did not find him. My thoughts were "Oh, No, its not even a week out from Halloween", "Could someone have harmed him?" I usually keep him locked up for the days leading up to and after Halloween. Daniel was one year old when he got the little fluffer nutter as a kitten, now the big cat is eight. One day after about two weeks Sierra was putting trash out and heard a meowing sound, from down the yard Earl came running. She brought him in to Daniel and that is when I took this picture. Those of you that know Earl know that he is not a small cat, he weighs 15 pounds. There is no need for him to jump up onto our kitchen counters, he can knock things off with his front paws when standing on his hind legs. Earl gets so excited while purring he drools like a dog and that's what he did all that evening with Daniel. The crazy cat had to of been in someones house and fed because he did not lose any weight and looked the same as before he disappeared. 
We are glad that we have him home.

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