Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Water Boys

Back in begining of May when I helped out at Ashley's place of work for a couple weeks this is what I used my change on. Walmart had a big sale on pools so I thought to my self "Why not, its only 130 bucks". I also had a good motive behind getting it, I wanted Christopher to get over his fear of water.

 I had my initial doubts at first, Christopher did not want to get in and that was with a foot of water and it had another 20 inches to go.
 It took Christopher two weeks to get up the nerve to get his face wet, now I can't get him out of the pool.  He is my little water baby with all his cool tricks he learned with brother in the pool.
 Daniel has had a fun time in it too with his best friend. They splash little brother so Christopher dives under the water and miss the waves. Sierra has even enjoyed floating around in it.
 Oh, my crazy boys
I am pleased I made the purchase, now if it will store well so we can use it again next year we'll be made.

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