Thursday, May 3, 2012

Christophers Birthday

 These were taken on my phone, I am not into taking pictures for every event because I strongly believe it takes away from the moment. I usually have someone else (only one person) to do pics, I don't want to get any unwanted UNCLE BOB's in photos.

 The paper was really flying

The Eye See You Cake
 Okay, I made his cake this year, I know Ashley is the one that usually makes the cakes but he did not have the time with his work schedule. This cakes soul purpose was to hold candles.
Getting Buggy Cupcakes
I made these too! Christopher wanted cupcakes with bugs on them so he and his friends could eat with their hands. The reasoning for the bugs is Mommy says "If it has/had wings it is okay to eat it with your hands", I just tell him that so when he gets told not to use hands he can have a come back.

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