Monday, November 7, 2011

Goats, Lady Gaga and Fear

Christopher was asked by Daniel:
Do you want to help me conquer a level on my Ghostbusters game?

Christopher replied:
Are you scared of Goats? Yeah, I'll help because of the goats.

Christopher, it's ghosts. Yes, you do the parts that have the real scary one.

I know the one your talking about it looks like Lady Gaga.

(After lots of laughing) That's the one.

Have a look for yourself below!
Lady Gaga
Ghostbusters library ghost

This is not a game that I bought for Daniel or even one I want the boys to be playing. He truly is petrified of anything remotely scarey. He has to have little brother to do the things he can not. Some of these things are: 
Going into a dark room first,
Making sure Miley Cyrus is not hiding in the bathroom shower,
Playing the scary parts of games,
Movie scene skipping while Daniel closes his eyes

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