Monday, September 12, 2011

Two Weeks

So, in the last two weeks:

Christopher has 
Polished off one case of Albutorol
Finished his antibiotics and steroids
Begun to feel better
Was clear of sickies at his follow up appointment
Finished all of his makeup home work
Turned into a comedian
Graduated up to Sparks in Awanas

Daniel has
Made several 100's on his school work
Lost Lego's down the heater
Found a cows skull
Graduated up to TNT in Awanas

Sierra has
Made new friends
Learning how to draft a dress on her designer program
Went for several walks with her dog
Started TNT in Awanas
Become legal custody of us

Charlotte has
A nasty sinus infection
Been real busy 
Not had enough sleep lately
Is oddly happy
Released two captive turtles

Ashley has
His hands full
A family that loves him

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