Monday, August 8, 2011

A Verse I Have Stuck In My Mind

This Is The Verse I Have Stuck In My Mind
I have trouble letting things (words and actions of others) go, I don't like being attacked with negativity towards me and especially not my children. So my mind is constantly searching for answers to why are some people the way they are and what in tar nations do they think they are going to achieve by their actions. 
I have came to some conclusions:
 Some people will never change (even if they profess to be christian)
 No, I DO NOT believe the "I am this way because of my childhood", "NO, you are that way because YOU want to be"
Often these actions are done to get respect from the ones they are hurting. Respect does not come by belittling others, mocking, criticizing and acting crazy. These actions only get feelings of wanting to avoid that person or in some cases fear.
Respect has to be mutual and is only earned when both people respect one another. So, if you don't respect someone else that person won't be inclined to be respectful of you.
The more they try to look "In control and smarter than others" the more they look "Ignorant and unreliable".
Sometimes ignoring these kind of people while they are talking badly is the best way to get them to shut their traps, just don't do this when it is friendly fire, that might make it worse. 
I understand that some people lock feelings in their hearts like: Pain, Regret, Jealousy, Hatred. They need help to heal so they won't pass on their cold hearted feelings to others through their actions.
Lastly, be careful what you pray for that person, praying that that person sees their wrong ways when they already do can make things worse. If they are not ready to change the pain increases and so does the torment to others. My prayer is most always "change my heart, so that I can understand them better".  This works but, I think I might be changing my approach the next I pray, because the only way to feel what they do is to have a heart like theirs and I don't want bad things taking up prime reel estate. I now am going to pray for endurance and patients to be able to put up with it.

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