Thursday, July 14, 2011

Because sometimes it takes another....

Because sometimes it takes another fracture to put you in your place. This is what was going through my head two weeks ago when I asked myself "Why is it when I feel great and like I could take on the world I always fall off my cloud with a thud". NO, it was not my wrist...and yes I am fine. I can say I had a real fun 4th of July, even with out the fireworks. While away on vacation I thought I had jammed one of the bones in my foot by walking into a hidden tent stake. I realized that night that it did not feel like a stub or jam it felt more like a fracture and I was in some pain. The next day my foot was fat, a bruise appeared, and it really hurt to walk on it. I had to wait the whole weekend to come home and see a doctor in our town and get x-rays done. The doc said it looked and sounded like a fracture on my forth left metatarsal. The x-rays did not show the fracture BUT, he said that the hospital has been wrong the last 3 times I have had x-rays and that I know my body better than anyone else does. So, the verdict was fractures left metatarsal. There was not much he could do but to tell me to ice, elevate and wear stiff soled shoes when I need to get around. The pain is subsiding and is being replaced by tingling and tickly sensations that are driving me crazy, so it must be healing. Doc told me a few times that if it was not feeling better that he would have no problem referring me to a podiatrist, I think it is healing alright on its own. 

Thats what I have been up to here as of late! 

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Clorissa said...

Ouch...that sounds painful....I hope you heal quickly and take it easy.