Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Final Wrist Update

This is what I did in January 

  I though I would let you know that I have been released from my orthopedic and am now free to do almost any thing. He told me to take it easy and not over do it because there is a high chance (70%) that I will re break my wrist. With that he told me that at any time I could come back and see him without getting a new referral, I think he knew how mad I was that it took almost two months to get my original referral. I still have some discomfort when doing certain things but it goes away after a while. I have to laugh because Ashley will see me doing something that he thinks is bad and exclaim "Charlotte, I don't think you should be using your hand like that." I don't think he wants to have do the laundry again. The more I do with it the more it hurts the stronger it feels, so I am pretty sure that it will be just fine. I was asked what I was going to do with my Exos cast, I am keeping it, not because I am scared to get rid of it fearing I will break my wrist again. I am keeping it because of the theory that if you have something for a specific porpose you will never have to use it.

Scaphoid is a bone that has little blood supply so it is very hard to heal.

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