Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thats not cool

The long story short 
It all started over a month ago when I decided to look up the search words people were entering to get to my craft site. Some were right on target but a couple were really off and I mean off as repulsively not what I post about. I ignored the search words and thought that maybe the search engines that these people were using made a mistake and directed them to my site on accident. Some time has passed and it is now happening again and I have myself asking "What is the deal here" and "What can I do to stop it or at least get a witnessing opportunity out of it". I have devised a post that has one of the key searches that has landed these pervs onto my site and it is titled "little girls in tights"  only there are no little girls, it is an ugly old man. I have also placed some relevant scripture verses that I looked up with it in hopes that that might subdue some of the creepy searches. The next time some one lands onto my site from doing a no so nice search they will get the shock to find a ugly man... 

So, am I right to post what I posted, maybe not, but it is my site and I don't think that it is right to search for things of that nature. I may or may not take it down it depends on the feed back I get. I just might add more scripture or a different picture, I haven't dicided yet on what I want to do. All I know is I am tired of the searches and if I can't stop them I might as well let these people know that it's not right.

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