Monday, May 9, 2011

Some Things

- I got my cast off last Monday, I've had 7 days of ahhhh

- Not released yet from Orthopedic, one more month 

- I am not supposed to lift too much, and I can deal with that

- Did not know that skin that has been under a cast for 3 1/2 months "BURNS" when in the sun, am feeling kind of dumb

- Am now sporting a cast shaped sun burn, it's bright red

- Learned how to use a drain snake on a sink to unclog a tub, and am very impressed with myself

- Cleaned a nasty tub with some help from Ashley, thank God for sweet husbands

- Planted some black berry plants, they are still alive

- Discovered a sale at Hastings on children's books .99 apiece, I bought all that looked interesting

- Pulled three dangly puppy teeth out of Taffy, she swallowed the others

- Discovered that I like the generic diet coke, it compares to diet Dr. Pepper

- I am back to doing the laundry, I don't like my clothes wrinkled anyway

1 comment:

amy wright said...

I had forgotten about your cast. I can't imagine being a mom to two busy boys without the use of one of my arms. My hat's off to you.