Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello, It's Me, For Now

Caution: The following post is only intended to let you in on who I am today, I may be someone else tomorrow, who knows! It is not intended to hurt anyone, or make you think differently about me, that's not what I am going for.

I am having one of those days, weeks, months and years

I don't want to, don't feel the need to, so I am not going to

Everything bugs me

My skin crawls at the sight of some people

I get annoyed at little things 
 I don't feel flattered when I am copied, it creeps me out 

I feel bothered to be around fake people and their priorities 

I think potted flowers are better than cut flowers, because they are alive

Don't tell me what your cousins/dads/friends/therapist/sons/dog felt when they had the same feelings. It don't help me at all.

 Don't tell me to pray away the things you find wrong with me that is not the answer
 Currently I have been thinking of how much I dislike:
People that take over conversations
Phrases "It is what it is", "You are who you are"
Poeple that ask "How are you" when they couldn't care less 
Phrase "It worked for so and so" 
 I don't feel let down, short sticked, hatred, evil thoughts or like I want to kick the dog. Nor do I feel sorry for my self!

 Things happen in life that are hard to deal with all at once and they put you in a funk, that is where I am. See I am one of those strange people that bottle everything up, my thoughts, things said, things that happened, things that are happening, you name it it's probably in my bottle. I have tried to talk to people, but every time I get the chance I get cut off, shooed away or promised some other time. "I promise" if one of these happens with you I will not try to talk with you again, its the way I am.

What always makes me feel better, it is simple:
My Husband Ashley,
My Boys Daniel & Christopher,
Alone time in my garden,
Throwing things away, 
Helping those who truly need it and appreciate it,
Getting away 

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