Saturday, April 9, 2011

One of those

It's been "One of those Days"
Where all I manage to do is:

*Get woke up way before the sun even thought of rising.

*Clean up a major sick kid accident before my eyes wanted to open. 

*Get a good laugh at what said kid was doing when accident happened.  
(Imagine being four years old and waking up in the middle of the night thinking you need to go style your hair!)
*Cleaned several more accidents before lunch.


*Pack two changes of clothes just so we could go to lunch at grandma's.

*Ignore a dog that is having separation issues, I thought I was her favorite, she loves daddy too!

*Have to say no to several people on the phone.

*Clean a little guy up yet again.

* Watch a whole movie through out the day with > 20 pauses.

*Go investigate the garden flowers with little guy.

*Make some iced sugar water for little guy.

*Snuggle my little sickling, tummies can be mean.

*Clean him up again... 

*Put little guy to bed in the clothes he wore today. 

*Feel relief for not having to do something I was really not wanting to do.

*Feel bad about not wanting to do something and then feeling even worse for having two legitimate excuses.

*Help a wondering sleepy kid to bed, he didn't want to go to sleep because of an obligation he has to fulfil the next day. The demands that are put on a seven year old!

*Think sadly of all the things that I wanted to do today.

*Realize I did get things done, ALL the important things!

This video sums up all my thoughts before I go to bed.

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