Monday, February 7, 2011

Customer Service That Stinks

You want crappy service go to ALCO

At Alco's this morning taped to the dog section a sign:

And the list of the prices and discounts!
My thought great I will get my dog one, so I looked at the price chart on the SALE FLYER taped to the shelf and chose a small toy. I go strait to the check out and the discount does not ring up, so the checker sends a manager to go look at the sign. She calls up to the the checker and tells him to send ME back to show her where the sign is. Where was it, well is was not there any more, she asks "when did you see it" ,"yesterday"? "No" I said, "I was just in this isle and looked at the sign, read the sign and chose a toy based on the price listings on the sign". She said "Well then where is the sign" I replied "it was right here (pointing to the exact spot) taped to the shelf" Then said she needed to go talk to another manager, so I went back to the check out. The phone rings at check out and the ever so kind checker tells me "sorry, I have to charge full price".
Some Alco's employee/manager ripped the sign off and did me a dirty.. 
Did she really need to lie about the sign and attempt to make me look stupid, sorry lady you are the one that looks bad.

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