Saturday, January 29, 2011

The True Meaning

A conversation between Christopher and Daniel.

Christopher: Do you know the meaning of Valentines Day and what it is about?

Daniel: Yes, I know what it is about!  

Daniel: Do you?

Christopher: Yes, I do. 

Daniel: Then Christopher, what is it about?

Christopher: Chocolate, it is about CHOCOLATE and getting chocolate, lots of chocolate.

Daniel: NO, its about love.

Christopher: No, it is not!

Daniel: It is, it is about loving people and the one you love.

Christopher: No!!

Daniel: Yes! 

Christopher: Just forget about it... OK! 

Makes you think, what is it about? I am all for the chocolate theory myself. 

Really Valentines Day is not what it is supposed to be anymore and that is it was originally for "Lovers", "Couples", "Soul mates" or "The one that your heart desires". Now, it is for giving your neighbor, little brother, daughter, classmate, and your dog a cheap folded over store bought card. My point is it is not a special day anymore! Think about it would you Really feel special if you knew that you received a "Love" card from your husband and so did the mail man?

I do not not give anything to anyone but the one my HEART disires, my husband on Valentines Day.

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