Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Puppy Surprize

Meet Taffy, our new addition. She is a 7 1/2 week old Dachshund puppy.
 Well, after months of the boys coveting our neighbors dogs, they finally got what they wanted, Daddy surprized them with one of their favorite dogs puppies.  

So far she likes playing "tug a war", chasing feet and giving kisses. 
She also knows how to cue when she needs to go potty, which came in handy when she had to go to bed with the adults because of her crying.

 Taffy was a real surprize for Christopher, he got to name her a month ago but had no clue she was going to end up living with us. He thought that his daddy would never let him have a puppy. 

Christopher has had a secret stash of puppy supplies hidden in his room for the last six months with hopes of finding a puppy and hiding it from everyone. He thought his daddy didn't know about it but, daddy found the stash two months ago. Ashley could not figure out how so much dog supplies could be hidden for so long and where did it come from. I will admit I knew the whole time and had to inform Ashley that he infact purchased the supplies. All Christopher had to do was to ask if he could get "something" and then place that "something" in the shopping cart to be bought and then hide it before daddy really gets a chance to have a look.

So, the little guy had fun showing Taffy his stash of goodies for her. 

Even Daniel was shocked that Taffy was theirs. So far Daniel is the only one that has got her to bark, he does that by crawling in front of her for her to chase him.

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amy wright said...

She's so cute. Puppies are irresistible.