Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daniel's Baptism

Daniel was saved during VBS this last summer and wanted to take it one step further and show everyone his decision.
 About three weeks ago he decided that he wanted to be baptised. So that week we went and meet with our paster and he talked with Daniel about his decision. We got the whole thing arranged, then Daniel broke his foot. There was no way that he could stand or get into the water with crutches or a boot on his foot. So, we had to change it up a little where Ashley would go into the baptismal with Rodney and help baptize Daniel.
 Ashley had to hold Daniel because we took his walking boot off.
 Notice Daniel has his nose plugged.
 Daniel's hand came off his nose.
 He came up all smiles.
Did I mention that Daniel is terrified of getting his head wet or of water that is more than two feet deep.


Amy said...

I'm so happy for all of you. I think it's awesome that Ashley was a part of his baptism.

Sewn Together said...

What a special day!!! And what great pictures - we miss our church there!!!!