Sunday, June 6, 2010

What We Have Done In The yard.

 My new flower/garden bed that I put in. At this stage I only have weed and feed on it to kill the weeds, I did not want to pull any weeds when I put this down in fear that it would effect the weed treatment. I will be putting soil and mulch down in a few days and then my seedlings will go in.
 One of my new Valiant grape vines doing what it knows best growing like a weed.
 The mesh looking thing towering out of the ground are my new grape trellis that Ashley put in for me to hold my Reliance and Valiant Grapes. The center arc way holds the Valiant and the lone trellis holds Reliance.
 The famous "dead" grape vine that I stomped, pulled, and ripped out of the ground just to find out it had suckers. Well it survived my torture treatment and now is showing potential.

 One of my gardens, Ashley has put up a trellis for my beans to climb in the back. I so far have regular potatoes, red skin potatoes, bush beans, pinto beans, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, broccoli, eggplant, Cinderella pumpkins and carrots. I get in lots of weeding time.
 Ashley and I planted Virgina creeper on this wall and installed chicken wire for it to climb up.
 Ashley's new Cotton wood tree that has been put on a drip irrigation. This little thing has grown 1 1/2" in one week since it was planted.
Ashley's other Cotton wood tree that was my height in April and now has shot up another four feet!

And last but not least my portico that Ashley built me two years ago, but this year the Virgina creeper has really taken to.

I still have more ideas for my yard but the question is can I convince the Mr to go with them and getting the time to do them. 

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