Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Caught in the Act

Proof that brotherly love does exist!

It was Christopher lucky day to receive some royal treatment from Daniel.

It originally started with them sitting together in a recliner while Daniel  read a story to Christopher. Then Daniel decided that he and little brother needed to play outside and proceeded to help him with putting aways his toys so Christopher could go outside. This is where I started in on the pictures.

Swinging little brother its usually the other way around. Christopher does not like this swing so much because it is hard to stay on, so Daniel had to  push him gently. 

A flip flop fell off little brother so big brother stopped the swing for him and replaced the shoe for him. Oh, and he had to stop the swing nicely so brother would not flip out of it!

Then Christopher got to jump on the trampoline with brother with out big brother complaining that he can't jump as high because of little brother (We have a no double bouncing rule).

Some days it is Christopher that will do anything to please big brother and then other days it is the other way around. It all depends on how much they miss each other during the school day.

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