Sunday, September 20, 2009

Computer Sabaticle

Boy have I missed blogging! We have been having some computer trouble here for the past three weeks and about a week and a half ago the whole system went on the blitz  with a nasty trojan virus. Thank God I  have a great goto guy in the family that always sees me through my technical problems. He completely over hauled my hard drive and and CPU. Basically what I have now is computer that has really great speed, no slowing down while running multiple programs,  tons of gigs in memory (I don't think that I will ever fill) and all for a verrrry low price (right under 150 dollars). See I am not a person that goes out and buys a new system when my old one has trouble. I fix what I already have. My system now is quicker than the latest model on the market, has ten times the memory and can handle almost any task that is required of it. Yes, I do replace the odd part, just last year I got a new flat screen but besides that my system has been around for ten years. She is a wonder!

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