Thursday, August 6, 2009

Party Cat

While At the Zoo we came across a party for a little girl's birthday, all of her friends and family were there to celebrate. If you have a party at the zoo they have a special place for you to set up your gifts and cake in a little picnic area right by the lions cage. It is in a nice secluded shady spot that gets a really great breeze and the stares from the lions. This is what we seen!

Notice the lone loin staring out the fence.

No matter how many people that walked by or in front of this lioness her gaze never left the party girls.

I don't think I seen her blink even once.

Any - Meny - Miny - Mo - Catch - A - Kid - By - Her - Party - Hat!!!

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amy wright said...

I must say that those lions always worried me. I wondered how well the Amarillo zoo caged them.