Saturday, February 14, 2009

Little Stinkers!!

My boys....I don't know which on is the worst at teasing the other. Daniel has this new thing were he is scared to do anything by himself. He can't enter a dark room, go to the bathroom or put his dirty laundry away without the help of his little brother. Oh Christopher is eating this opportunity to get even with big brother up. Little Christopher is a stinker, he has caught on that if he tells Daniel that there is something in a dark room and then runs that he will get upset therefore won't enter the room. Its working so well that Christopher will place his beloved toys in dark places because his brother won't touch them. I will admit that little brother can go to far sometimes, last night he had Daniel convinced that Hanna Montana was hiding in the bathroom and was going to get him when he entered the room. Poor Daniel absolutely refused to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth frightened that she was really in there. I had to remove all of Sierra's HM soaps and accessories so he could not see them. I think that was the effect that Christopher was trying for the removal of the girl stuff. 
One might ask how did Christopher come up with the Hanna Montana thing? Well, he has a big sister that is just as much a stinker as he is. She convinced Christopher over the Christmas holiday that if he touched her new HM stuff that HM would tell her. So, from then on Christopher has refused to mess with anything HM. The other day my mom was giving all of her grand kids fruit snacks and was not aware that it is against the "law" for Christopher to have a HM fruit snack. His response to her was the greatest "I not eating that! Tanna Tanna Evil, I don't like Tanna Tanna". Poor grandma had forgot that she can not feed girl fruit snacks to a two year old boy, so Daniel got to eat  them up.
On the other hand Daniel can be my stinker.  He can get so jealous of little brother and his toys. Christopher does not have that many toys that were not already pre-owned by big brother. When Christopher was a baby I did not see the point in buying new toys for him when we already had toys that Daniel had out grown. Now that Chris is bigger and will be three in two months he has his own interests and they are not really ones that Daniel had when he was three. It is easier for Daniel to give his little brother a toy he no longer wants that to watch him get a brand new one. We have been going through this "its not fair" stage and I look at him and try my best not to just laugh. For instance Christopher collects keys and key chains, people knowing that he does will give him junk keys for his collection. Daniel did not like this to well and insisted that Christopher's keys and chains be split up between the two of them because it just isn't fair. I was not going for the woe's me act, so I informed him to start one of his own and that he was not going to take what was not his. It is kind of funny because poor Christopher could care less if he has the most toys, in fact he is the only child I feel safe to go into a toy store with to pick something out for someone else and not have to pick something out for him too. I have seen jealousy in Christopher to, but it was towards his  little cousin that spied his most prized position Christopher Bo Bear. I have never seen a one year old run so fast to jump into my arms  because he has never seen his bigger cousin get so upset.

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