Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boys and Masks

Christopher desided to wear his neb mask around the house so I let him. Anything to get him over his dislike of his nebulizer I am all for. He goes to the ENT for a check up tomarow and boy am I hoping it goes well. Pore little guy is sick right now with some kind of head cold that he has had for the last week and now he is running a fever. I keep telling Ashley that he is a pro at taking meds that before long he will be able to swallow a horse pill. --Just joking-- Right now he only takes prevention meds, one tiny pill once a day.

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amy wright said...

I do not miss Isaac's nebulizer days at all! Now he just uses an inhaler once a day and he is great. He doesn't even take Singulair anymore. I hope that Christopher outgrows all of that junk!! Poor guy.