Thursday, December 4, 2008

Almost Silent Night

I had broke down a few weeks ago and purchased a used computer for the boys to put all of there games on. I bought it from a school auction and I finally got around to setting it up last night. I have not heard any thing from the guys for the last twenty five minutes but the occasional giggle or the words "I knew what that was" its strange to have a little silence in the house. The boys have all of the I Spy games and any educational game imaginable that is made good chances are they have it. I know your thinking you let your boys play games on the computer at their ages, let alone get them their own computer. They only get to play for an thirty minutes on week days and an hour on the week ends and that is combined time. It is an old Apple I-Mac, no Internet, no programs that are not appropriate for kids because I have striped this thing down to the basics. Daniel has been playing I-Spy since he was two and at two he mastered all of the challenges in the Treasure Hunt addition. He is a pro! How many five year old kids know the difference between two,to,too or even toe and tow. Christopher has his Golden books story's that he loves to select the read to me option(he loves poky little puppy).Well all of their games were bogging down my computer and I have things on my computer that I really don't want to be lost if anything happens. There system really is quick and it loads up in no time.

Now if I can keep the other boy from messing up things on the computer!!!

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