Sunday, September 28, 2008

Light house Trail

Ashley and I went on a hiking Adventure on Saturday as an early
Anniversary getaway. This hiking trail is in Palo Duro Canyon,
it is a 6 mile hike up hill, down hill and over rocks. The last 
1/4 mile is climbing up horrible make shift stairs that have eroded 
so you basically climbing the sides of rocks to get to the top,
and when you get to the top your completelyworn out. 
The crazy part is I LOVED every minute of it.

The two crazy hikers. 

Here is a butterfly on a flower and yes I took lots of pictures of flowers and animals.

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Ilene said...

Hello Charlotte, thanks for posting on my blog. I am so glad to have a link to your blog.

I just wanted to say thanks again for being a great part of Ahsley's testimony. That was SO powerful! I was reminded, again, how amazing our God is. Please tell Ashley thank you for all of us.