Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've been casted.....

Real cast, as in a full arm with thumb spike cast!

And to tell it like a sweet friend of mine would do.....
Yes, I have fractured my wrist (my scaphiod).
No, it did not happen yesterday, though I got the cast yesterday.
Yes, it has been fractured for two months.
No, I did not fall down a stair case I fell up one. 
Yes, it hurt. 
No, wearing a cast is not fun.
Yes, I will be sporting it for a month. 
No, it is not awkward wearing it, I haven't been using that arm anyways. 
Yes, it is my left wrist.
No, I can still write, I am right handed.
Yes, I am praying that it heals quickly. 
No, I can not wash my hair.
Yes, Ashley washes it for me.
No, I can not touch my nose with my left hand!
Yes, I have accidentally whacked myself in the eye with it twice.
No, I don't care if you stare at it.
 Yes, the guy at Pizza Hut last night had loads of fun watching me try to eat. 
No, I don't need help buttoning my pants I can do it one handed!!!!
Yes, I have suddenly became a messy eater.
No, the boys think it is fun having to tie mommy's shoes.
Yes, I have told the story about my wrist 500 times now.
No, go ahead ask again.
YES, my thumb makes for a great toilet paper holder. 
No, a cast does not keep your arm warm, they are porous.
Yes, it is really hard to get my arm into clothing, especially with a thumb spike.
No, wearing Ashleys tee's is much easier than getting stuck in one of mine.
Yes, I have got stuck in one of mine.

 Better pic of thumb spike.

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